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Surf & Yoga

6 days Surf lessons with 4 Yoga Classes

With this package you will have the possibility to surf & practice Yoga !

With some of the best learn-to-surf waves on our , our team of surf coaches will be glad to share the Stoke with you and guide you into catching some waves.

Lessons start on the beach, where the basics are explained and demonstrated, before paddling out and helping you catch waves and get to your feet. We keep the groups small (max 6) to give everyone enough attention.

Lessons include instruction, surfboards and wetsuits and last 90 minutes. Those who wish have the option to use the equipment for a further 60 mins directly after the lesson

Surfing is so much more than just standing on a board. Pull in to our camp, soak up the vibe and understand the saying, ‘Only a Surfer knows the Feeling’!


6 Days


4 Classes

Everyday starts with a wholesome breakfast on the terrasse checking out the conditions, before heading out for 1.5 hour Surf Lesson with our qualified Instructors.

We wake up, have a delicious and healthy breakfast, we head on down to the best spot of the day, make our cool little beach setup, hit the waves for a surf lesson, chill on the beach and eat our tasty light lunch, hit the waves again then come home to re-energise with an afternoon yoga session. After this we often take a little drive to an epic sundowner spot or have a drink in the rooftop , We want to show you how beautiful Tamaght is so we often go and see something awesome on the way back from the surf or after the yoga.

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